U.S. Custom and Border Protection / Global Entry at ABE

As their title says, this airport is international, there are passengers who are coming from foreign countries, and they will have access to global entry. This system was originally implemented by the United States, and their main goal was to consume less time and avoid additional checking procedures. This system was implemented by Customs and Border Protection. Passengers with this badge will be comfortable as there will be no queue for them because this system is newly established, and not many passengers have information about this system. Those passengers with this Global Entry badge will use automatic kiosks, and then they can cross the border.

As this system is newly-implemented, there are not many passengers with this badge as they do know about this system and how it works. This global entry pass can be given to a passenger who presents a real-ID. They have a particular machine that checks the validity of this document, and then they can cross the border. However, the passport is not the only document with which a passenger can achieve this badge. Consistent resident cards are an alternative as well, and they are useful in this regard. There are agents who check those documents, and then if they are not considered as fake ones, a passenger can cross the border and enjoy his/her time. This consumes less time, and it is beneficial for both sides.

However, if there is an unusual situation, security agents can ask questions furthermore, and a passenger has to answer them with honesty and do not be surprised if this happens. If a passenger does not get candid with TSA agents, it will cause additional problems. Every passenger must take into consideration this issue and try their best to handle the existence problem. This must not consume considerable time.

Luggage Claim and Meeting Points at ABE

As each airport has its own rules and regulations, every passenger has to take into consideration. There might be some limitations about the weight of baggage, or different prohibited items can appear there as well, and this must be checked beforehand to avoid additional fees about this.